Documentary film about Sardar Gurcharan Singh

Documentary film about Sardar Gurcharan Singh

Sardar Gurcharan Singh (1898–1995)は、大正時代の東京高等工業学校(現、東京工大)に留学していたインドのエリート学生です。浜田庄司と河井寛次郎が先輩にいました。

日本における浜田のように、彼はインドではDelhi Blue Potteryに窯をつくり個人工房運動の父とよばれてよく知られています。日本で民藝運動が形作られて行く時に重要な役割を果たし、英国人のBernard Leachとも一緒に関わっていましたが、日本では民藝運動の歴史の中では忘れられた存在でした。

ドキュメンタリー映画監督Nirmal Chanderによりこのドキュメンタリーが制作され、試写会がデリーで4月6日にあります。私及び、Singhに興味をもって研究してきたHelena Čapková(立命館大学)、橋本順光(大阪大学)、木田拓也(武蔵野美術大学)などがインタヴューを受け、この映画に登場します。



Sardar Gurcharan Singh (1898–1995) was an elite student from India studying at the Tokyo Higher Technical School (currently Tokyo Institute of Technology) during the Taishō period. Hamada Shōji and Kawai Kanjirō were his seniors. Just as Hamada had done in Japan, he set up his studio, Delhi Blue Pottery, in India and has become
well known in India as a father of studio pottery. During the formation of the Mingei movement, he played a crucial role alongside Bernard Leach, however, in the history and the study of the Mingei movement he has been omitted, seemingly forgotten.

The documentary maker Nirmal Chander has made this documentary, which will be shown in Delhi on 6 April. Together with Helena Čapková (Ritsumeikan University), Hashimoto Yorimitsu (Osaka University), Kida Takuya (Musashino Art University), I have been interviewed and will appear in the film. As this is part of Japan’s history,
we would like to show this film also in Japan, and we’re looking for venues and fundings. Please contact us if you’re interested.