GO FOR KOGEI English Page

GO FOR KOGEI English Page

English website of GO FOR KOGEI -Hokuriku Crafts Festival- is now available !
GO FOR KOGEI の英語ページが公開されています。

Journey through the World of Craft

Go for Kogei is a celebration of craft (kogei) in the Hokuriku region. The festival is held in the three prefectures of Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui.

This year’s theme is “Journey through the World of Craft.” The 2022 special exhibition explores the act of making through a range of chronologically diverse works. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of special programs introducing the culture and history of the Hokuriku region.

From the timeless and the universal to the futuristic, we hope this journey through the world of craft will offer new inspiration for your daily life.

Go for Kogei. https://goforkogei.com/en/